Turkstar Injector cleaner spray has two types, Super and Simple. it has a high quality in reducing car's consumption by making injector clean from greasy dirt.
"Injector Cleaner (Carburetor)" has been formulated for quick and effective cleaning of the carburetor and injector. This spray easily eliminates dirt, such as oil, soot, dust, debris from Throttle Body and the whole fuel consumption car system.

Advantages of using Injector (Carburetor) Cleaner Spray:
• Unlock the injector
• Cleans all carburetor components from any dirty kind
• Removing any dirt from the vehicle fuel system
• Increasing the acceleration and power of the vehicle (with the loss of pollution in the engine, the lost power would be regained).
• Reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emission pollutant
• Safe for air sensor and catalyst
Usage Instructions
First of all, turn on your car, warm it up to reach normal heat. To know the normal temperature of the engine, listen to the sound of the fan. When the fan is turned on, the engine temperature has reached a normal limit. Wait until the fan is off. Turn off the engine. Now open the gas pipe and replace it with the spray. Turn the car on and squirt. Turn the engine rpm to 4,000. Spray it in front of the gas shaft. Now, at the same time raise the rpm to 5500 and keep spraying for 3 to 5 seconds. Do not let the engine rpm comes down and continue until the end of the spray. It's time to test. Try your car and let us know the results!

Application areas
It is Suitable for washing injectors, Carburetor and so on.

Storage and shelf life
• Expire time is two years after production